Bring it Home: Family Learning Guide Sheets:
Family assignments are not graded, some you will bring back to class, and others are just for the experience.

These are fun moments to share in your child's learning.

Don't worry!

1) Planting the seeds of friendship.
In class we are learning how friendships start. Sometimes friendships start when we do something nice for someone else.
Your student will ask you about a time you started a friendship by doing something nice. Have your student write or draw pictures that answer the two questions. We will share these in class.
2) Book Jacket Homework Assignment:
Hello parents/guardians of C-3 students!
We are working on making Book Reviews. These are just like what are found on the back cover of our books. You can look at their book for an example. Your student has been reading a book in our in class book groups. Now it is time to show what they know! They have already started on this in class. Please help them by checking to see the reviews have everything they need to be best-sellers. With your student, look at the list below and check them off if you have them:

1. At the top they have the title of the book.
Yes No
2. They have the age they recommend the book for.
Yes No
3. They have the author of the book.
Yes No
4. They have a review that tells what the book is about.
Yes No
5. They have a quote from their favorite part of the book about friendship
Yes No
6. They say the main problem and solution of the book.
Yes No
7. They have a sentence that says what they learned about friendship.
Yes No
8. They have a sentence that says why they learned this.
Yes No
9. Would they recommend this book to someone else?
Yes No
10. They have a sentence that says, “If you like books about , you will love this book!”
Yes No

Please help your student add any missing information.

Now it is your turn!
With your student, make a book review for your favorite book on the sheet below. They know how to do this and they can help!

Book review by the parent/guardian of a C-3 student!
My name is:
My favorite book is:
What age should read this book?:
This book was written by:
They are one of my favorite authors.
This book is about (tell the story of the book in a few words):
The main problem in this book is that:
But it is ok, in the end because the problem is solved when:
This book teaches us about friendship, we can learn that (circle one):
Friends come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
Sometimes we find friends where we least expect.
Being a true friend isn’t always easy.
To have a true friend, you have to be a true friend.
This book showed, (what I circled) because:
Would I recommend this book to someone else? YES or NO.
If you like books about,
then you will love this book!

3) Letter to a Friend.
Today’s homework is to write a letter to a friend or family member. It can be almost anyone. Remember to ask your parents for help with the format and with mailing the letter. If you get a response I would love you to bring it to class to share!
Dear parent or guardian,
In class we have been working on writing letters. For homework, we are practicing writing letters to our friends or family. In the next week, please write help your student write a letter to someone they care about. The letter needs to have three parts. You can use this letter as an example.
1) A greeting or salutation followed by a comma—for example, “Dear,” “Hello,” “My friend,” These are just examples; you can use one of these or make up your own.
2) A message—a letter has to say something. It can be short or long, it is up to you and your student.
3) A farewell followed by a comma and the student’s name. For example, “Sincerely,” or “Love,” These are just examples; you can use one of these or make up your own.

Show your student how to fold the letter, put stamps on, address it, put on the return address, and mail it. They will love it. Your help is much appreciated; I could not do it without you.

My sincerest thanks,
Mr. Hill
P.S. Please return the following sheet to me to check off that you have done it.

Letter return sheet:
Dear Mr. Hill,
I just wanted to let you know that we sent a letter. It was (circle one) fun or not fun. Check off the conventions you used! You don’t have to use them all!
_ Greeting
_ Farewell
_ Indented body of the letter
_ P.S.
_ XOXOX (hugs and kisses)
From, the proud parent or guardian of