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Hello 2nd grade families!I am so excited to be teaching a math unit this January. I will be teaching Unit 8 of Everyday Math, this unit focuses on fractions. Fractions are such an important concept to understand, that we have decided to add a little more focus to the unit. We will be working on this unit for the next two weeks. This unit works with what fractions are, how and when we use them. These lessons will be fun, and students will soon be seeing fractions everywhere!
Students will learn:
1. What is a fraction?
2. How are fractions written?
3. Which fraction is bigger?

Through these supplemental lessons we hope to help your students build a strong understanding of fractions, and an ability to apply the concept of fractions to their everyday lives.
To help students, we have some fun at home activities for students to do with your help. Please remember, students need help, but they need to figure it out on their own. It is always better to ask questions than give answers! Thank you to all our great parents, your help is truly appreciated! Remember, if you have questions, you can email me at, or send a note with your child.
At home assignments: (these assignments will be sent home in paper format as well)
1.Family Fractions

2. Fractions in My House

Looking for more fractions?
Check out fraction games at
Read Then the Doorbell Rang. By P. Hutchins. Available at the Seattle Library.