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Hello! Let me tell you a little about myself:
I love to teach! I have taught Kindergarten and Pre-K for seven years at Hazel Creek Montessori. I love working with kids, and I am now studying to get my Masters in Teaching at Seattle University. My specialties are reading, science and nature studies. I hope to soon receive my TEFL certificate as well as my ELL certification. I am passionate about justice and equity for all students in Seattle and world-wide.
Me at the Portland Rose Garden
I live on beautiful Bainbridge Island, which provides me with many opportunities to study the natural world and instill that passion in my students.

Sunrise from my house
I have many hobbies, but for brevity I will keep my list short. My favorite activities include hiking, reading, gardening and cooking. These hobbies come into the class with me. The kids love it, and I love to share my interests.
Home-cooked Easter dinner

For Parents:

1) Themed Literature Unit:

Here is a list of Information for the unit!


Here is a link to the activities page!
a) Friendship Interview.
b) Book Jacket.
c) Letter to a friend.

2) Families in their communities

Here is an overview and list of activities!

Technology Tools:
Here is a short list of teaching resources that I hope you will use and enjoy:
1) The Amazing - Incredible Handwriting Worksheet Maker!
2) WatchKnowLearn: Teacher video database
3) ASL PRO: online video ASL dictionary

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